10 Tips for Sticking to Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Don’t get derailed from your healthy weight loss plan!

If you have more than a few pounds to lose it can seem overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you. Stick to it. The best long lasting results occur over a period of time. Here are a few hints to keep you going strong!


Plan ahead.

Meal planning is key to maintaining a healthy diet. Last minute meals when you’re hungry can lead to less healthy choices. Be sure to include a variety of foods including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.

Avoid commercially pre-prepared foods.

Many are high in fat, low in fiber and usually heavily salted. When you cook from scratch you can control what goes in, opting for lower calorie versions of milk, sour cream, and leaner meats.

Pre-package your own healthy snacks.

If it is ready and visible, you’re more apt to reach for a better option. *Hint: Put them in see-through containers so you will see them when you open the fridge! This helps develop good food habits for your kids, too.

Pack your lunch.

Whenever possible bring your lunch to work. Not only will it save you money but you have more control over the menu!

Break a sweat!

Aim for a cardio workout daily. No equipment is necessary. There are lots of exercises you can do in your living room: jog in place, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, jump rope. I bet you can think of a dozen more!

Set reasonable goals.

If you set your goals to high and don’t achieve them it can be discouraging. Long term slower weight loss is healthier and kept off longer. 1 to 2 pounds a week is great. Think about that over a period of time!

Do not weigh yourself every day.

Focus on healthy living, not the scale!

Get adequate sleep.

Studies show that sleep deprivation can contribute to weight gain. Sleep helps reduce stress. Stress is related to increased levels of the hormone cortisol which stimulates appetite. Your energy expenditure is also reduced when you’re tired, resulting in fewer calories burned.

Stay hydrated.

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Water is a critical for each organ in your body to operate properly. There are a lot of options for flavoring water is the “plain” variety is hard to swallow.

Think small.

Little changes, consistently applied, add up to big losses. Simple diet substitutions can save 100 calories at a time.

More tips for effective weight loss here.


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Exercise Safely Through Summer

We love Summer! But for some that means heat. Be smart and safe while sticking to your exercise program. Following simple guidelines will help you stay on target.

Be summer wise when you exercise.

Summer Exercise Safety Guidelines

Do it earlier or later! If you don’t work out in a temperature controlled environment you may need to change your schedule.  Get up an hour earlier to take that run before the heat kicks in. It’s not recommended to exercise when the mercury is 90 degrees.

Decrease the intensity of your workout when it’s hot. Both heat and humidity can raise your heart rate. It’s better to be safe.

Switch it up! Change your workout to include water sports if you can.  Swimming is one of the best exercises there is and it’s easy on the joints.

Dress appropriately. There are many options now in moisture-wicking fabrics. Make sure to apply sunscreen to exposed skin.

Stay hydrated. In times of extreme heat or humidity you can sweat 3 times more than normal. Include a beverage with electrolytes in your fluids. If at any time you feel dizzy or nauseated, stop, rest and hydrate.

For an extra boost of energy try Herbal Nitro Extreme Energy.

Boost Energy and Hydration with Refreshing Fruit Waters

A great way to boost hydration is to drink delicious beverages that are flavored with summer fresh fruits. They’re full of wholesome goodness, vitamins, enzymes, water and FUN! Get the kids involved in making their own concoctions. You can individually freeze fruit chunks to keep your beverage chilled longer.

After exercise hydrate with delicious flavored waters.Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber with less than 50 calories per cup.

Blueberries are one of the most nutrient dense berries (Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese). One cup contains 4 grams of fiber and only 84 calories.

Oranges are high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Folate and Potassium. One cup of segments has 85 calories and 4 grams of fiber.

Watermelon is mostly water but a good source of citrulline and lycopene. One cup has only 45  calories.

Lemons are a great source of fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium and Vitamin B. They are reported to be good for cardiovascular health, prevention of kidney stones and anemia. One whole lemon has a mere 20 calories.

How Colon Cleansing Helps the Skin

better skin with colon cleansingThe largest organ in your body is your skin.  It is your first line of defense against the environment and it is also a window into how well your body systems are functioning.  If you have lackluster skin that is dull, flaky, and bothered with blemishes you might want to look at your health that is more than skin deep.  You might want to look at your digestive system and see if your skin could benefit from colon cleansing.

Your skin requires a steady supply of blood and nutrients. If toxins are delivered instead, your skin will be dull and lifeless.

Just like your colon, your skin is an organ of elimination.  Many blemishes on your skin are your body’s way of trying to get rid of toxins.

To have the best skin you need to cleanse more than just the surface, you need to cleanse from within as well.

Herbs to Cleanse from Within

Look no further than the natural world for herbs that can help you cleanse and detox your body.  When your digestive system is clean and functioning properly toxins are eliminated before they make it to your skin.  Here’s a few beneficial herbs:

Senna Leaf.  Senna is native to India and China where it has been used as an ancisenna leafent remedy for constipation.  Modern science knows that senna leaves contain sennosides.  Senna gently stimulates the muscles in the colon to act as they should; and push fecal matter through the colon and out of the body.  Senna also helps the colon to absorb water to soften the stool.  It is important to drink plenty of water when you take any product containing senna.

Dandelion.  Dandelions may be a nuisance to gardeners but herbalists know that every portion of the plant is good for the body.  It is rich in antioxidants that stop the work of free radicals in the body.  It can encourage the release of stomach acid to aid in the digestion of fat and act as a mild laxative.  Dandelion root contains a specific amino acid, kynurenic acid, which helps maintain the flow of bile while also stimulating the liver.  This supports the natural detox processes of your body.

Milk milkthistleThistle.  Milk thistle is related to the sunflower. The seeds of the plant are used for a variety of herbal preparations.  When it comes to having better skin, you need milk thistle to help support your liver. When your liver is happy your skin is happy.  Milk thistle also increases bile production in the intestinal tract, helping to soften stools while acting as a mild laxative to encourage regular bowel movements.

Colon Cleansing with Herbs

Colon cleansing with herbs is easy and comfortable. No, we aren’t suggesting you utilize enemas with herbal water. Not only is that uncomfortable, it won’t give you the benefit of the herbs.

The best way to colon cleanse with herbs is to take My Gentle Detox once a day and drink plenty of water.  My Gentle Detox is made from the following herbs:

  • Senna Leaf
  • Cascara Sagrada Bark
  • Dandelion Root
  • Artichoke Leaf
  • Milk Thistle Seed
  • Sarsaparilla Root

As your body flushes out the excess waste and toxins the load on your skin will be lightened.  When you get better nutrient flow to the skin, skin tone, color, and condition improve naturally.  Of course, better skin is just one benefit from colon cleansing. Learn more about the benefits of colon cleansing.

It’s just amazing what herbs can do. Try My Gentle Detox for the most amazing skin and the most amazing you.






Colon Cleanse and Detox – Spring Clean from the Inside Out

Spring is officially here.  For many, this is when we go through the time-honored tradition of “Spring Cleaning”.

a colon clease is spring cleaning for your body

Spring Cleaning Origins

The ritual of Spring cleaning goes back to a time when wood and coal burning fires warmed our home.  Windows and doors were kept closed to keep out the cold and the wind.  This caused layers of soot and ash to build up on everything inside. With the arrival of warmer Spring temperatures, housewives open the windows and doors and started scrubbing to remove the dingy coal soot and wood ash that had accumulated all winter.  Rugs were beat and floors and walls were scrubbed.  Everything that had accumulated was removed and the home had a fresh, clean start.

Spring Clean with a Colon Cleanse and Detox

Our hectic lifestyles have us eating poor quality food on the run, drinking inadequate amounts of water, and preventing us from getting the exercise and sleep we need to keep our digestive and immune systems healthy.  The way we treat our bodies is the way those old coal and wood burning stoves treated walls and floors.


We get an unhealthy accumulation of undigested food and waste in our systems. No wonder we get to feeling sluggish and have limp, lifeless and dull hair and skin.  Our bodies are like that house that has been closed up all winter, slowly smothering in ash and soot.

This is a perfect time to Spring clean our bodies from the inside out.  A colon cleanse and detox is just the thing to refresh your digestive system and perk up your immune system.  As a bonus, a colon cleanse can also relieve bloating and gas, helping you get in shape for swimsuit season.

Colon Cleanse without Fasting

my gentle detox herbal colon cleanse pillsIf you’ve never done a colon cleanse before, you may want to do a little research.  What you read will probably scare you,  There are all sorts of colon cleansing routines that involve enemas, fasting, or eating crazy foods or juice diets.  These are all supposed to rid your body of excess waste.  They can make you miserable in the process.  That’s not Spring cleaning, that’s Spring torture. No thanks!

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Herbal Nitro has developed several natural, herbal colon cleansing and detox formulas that allow you to cleanse and detox without the craziness.  The herbal formulas harness the power of nature to cleanse your body of excess waste and promote optimum digestive and immune health.  The herbs soothe the colon, soften stools, and promote natural peristaltic action.  No crazy diets, juices, fasting, or enemas.  Just gentle herbal cleansing and detox action.

Two Colon Cleansing Formulas

My Gentle Detox is an herbal formula containing senna leaf, dandelion root, cascara sagrada bark extract, milk thistle and more.  These natural herbal ingredients promote peristaltic action, or the natural muscular movement of the colon.  All you need to do is take the pills and drink plenty of water during your cleanse.  No cramping and no spending all day by the toilet.

My Gentle Cleanse is another herbal formula that contains aloe and fennel to soothe the my gentle colon cleanse capsulescolon,  In addition, it contains herbs that naturally soften the stools, making elimination easy and painless.  Like My Gentle Detox, you don’t need to follow any special diet routine.  Just take your daily dose and be sure to drink plenty of water.  The herbs will do the rest.

Spring Clean Now for an Amazing Summer

Get a head start on your summer, by Spring cleaning your body now.  Get rid of belly bloating and gas, feel better, and look better.  If you are thinking about a diet to get your body in shape for swimsuit season, then a colon cleanse and detox will give you the kick-start you need today.

Order My Gentle Cleanse or My Gentle Detox now and get ready for an amazing summer.

amazing woman

Can Caffeine From Herbal Energy Boosters Improve Your Workout?

Everyone knows (well we will assume everyone) that caffeine is a stimulant. It reaches your brain quickly where it stimulates the entire central nervous system. That is why it makes you feel alert and awake. But does the stimulation from caffeine also increase your body’s performance? Studies show it can.

marathon runners use caffeine as an herbal energy booster

Caffeine and Physical Performance

A metastudy published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research looked at 29 studies that had been previously performed on caffeine and athletic performance to see if there was any relationship.  The researchers wanted to answer the burning question that has been debated about caffeine ingestion before exercise. In a (kola) nutshell, does taking caffeine before you play sports or work act as a performance booster? Here’s what they discovered:

  • 11 of 17 studies showed caffeine resulted in significant improvements in performance
  • 6 out of 11 studies showed that caffeine use before resistance training resulted in measurable benefits

They also discovered that caffeine resulted in decreased performance if back to back workouts were completed. That may be an instance of the mind convincing the body it can do more than possible at the time.

Herbal Energy Boosters are Caffeine Without Coffee

Extreme Energy Natural is an herbal energy boosterSure you know you can get caffeine in your morning coffee, but what if you don’t hit the gym in the morning? Don’t worry; you can get all the caffeine you need to power your workout with herbal energy boosters like Extreme Energy herbal energy supplements. There are more natural sources of energy than just coffee and tea. Herbal energy boosters rely on these plants as a natural energy source. So you can just take your Extreme Energy, drink plenty of water, and get ready to hit the gym any time of day. The caffeine and kola nut extracts will give you the boost you need to power through your workout or a second shift.

Natural Herbal Energy

Extreme Energy gives you natural herbal energy; and it does it with more than just straight caffeine. Imagine caffeine with a side of kola nut, mixed with ginseng and yohimbe bark, and eluethero root on top and you’ve got Extreme Energy for the most amazing life. You’ll wonder how you made it through the day without it.

This natural herbal energy combination won’t leave you jittery. Just don’t take it too late in the day or you will be amazing all night!

increase performance with herbal energy booster

Herbal Supplements You Can Trust

Get the best herbal energy supplements on the market. Get your herbal energy from loversHerbal Nitro. Whether it’s Extreme Energy or Fuel for the Body, we guarantee only the purest ingredients for the best performance. Herbal Nitro manufactures the herbal supplements they sell. This cuts out the middle man, saving you money and insuring you get only the finest herbal energy boosters.

Order from Herbal Nitro now and be confident that you are getting the best products at the best price for the most amazing life.